The strength of IKSA BV lies in the individuals who have over the years demonstrated their competence and professionalism in a wide range of GxP subjects and can be relied upon to provide pragmatic, cost effective advice. Whether working individually, or as part of a team, IKSA BV Associates will contribute to the success of your venture, from specific problem solving assignments to major facility or product development projects. Whatever your needs, IKSA BV can provide the necessary experts to facilitate the outcomes you expect.

The Team

Dr Ian K Sykes – Founder and Chief Executive, IKSA BV The Netherlands

Mr Vijay Khindria – Senior Associate

Dr Ed O’Connor – Senior Associate

Mr Sudhir Phatak – Senior Associate

Dr Allen Goldenthal – Associate Consultant

Drs Martin van der Vliet – Senior Associate and Project Specialist, Bioprocessing

Drs Lex van Loosbroek – Senior Associate

Mr Alain Kupfermann – Associate Consultant

In addition to the above, IKSA BV has a wide network of consultants and SMEs we can call on to contribute to specific projects as may be required. IKSA BV will be pleased to provide appropriate CVs upon request.