Alain Kupfermann

Alain is a pharmacist with a higher qualification in Industrial Pharmacy from the University of Brussels. He has worked for over 40 years in the pharmaceutical industry and has extensive experience in production at various managerial levels nationally and internationally, including Plant Manager for Bayer in Indonesia.

He is well versed in GMP issues and has performed numerous auditing and training missions for WHO (Prequalification and Essential Medicines and Health Products groups), UNIDO, USP, Certipharm and PATH. In addition, he has extensive experience in pharmaceutical facility design, having worked for many years on design projects for manufacturing facilities in countries such as China, Costa Rica, India, Indonesia, Iran, Korea, Thailand, and Vietnam.

Alain currently lives in Thailand and lectures at the King Mongkut University for Technology.

He holds Belgian and French passports, speaks fluent French, English, German and Dutch and has basic knowledge of Spanish and Indonesian.