Martin van der Vliet

Born in the Netherlands in 1962, Martin graduated in 1985 in Medical Biology from the University of Amsterdam. In that year he joined Centocor, a Biopharmaceutical company focused on large-scale manufacture of products based on monoclonal antibody technology for human use, holding various managerial positions in production; furthermore he was responsible for the Production-Related Research Group.

In 1993 Martin established consulting company, BioCell Technology, and became a project consultant / partner of PCS BioCell in 1995. As a consultant Martin was involved in the China Vaccine Project (CVP, a Chinese Government / World Bank project) from 1994 -1998. In 1996, he moved to Shanghai, China to provide on-site assistance and support to three Governmental Institutes, located in Shanghai, Kunming and LanZhou, to start up their CVP manufacturing facilities.

After 1998 Martin stayed in Shanghai to provide consultancy services to pharmaceutical companies located in the Asia Pacific Region and Europe. From 2002 to 2009, he was active as an “interim” Director for Glovax Co., Ltd. in Korea, responsible for Glovax’s vaccine production using Chinese contract manufacturers or obtained in bulk from other Pharmaceutical companies and their Registration in Korea, the Asia Pacific region and internationally as well as for vaccine Technology Transfer, Process and Facility design projects.

Martin provides consultancy on all aspects of Quality Assurance (QA), Quality Control, InProcess Control, Validation, GLP & GMP and Regulatory Affairs in the Bio-pharmaceutical and related industry and is advisor for Research and Process development issues, raw material, product, process, QC/QA and In-Process Control (IPC) issues, as well as biological assay development, process design, optimization and scale-up.

In addition, Martin can act as advisor for facility and manufacturing process design in compliance with International Standards and Requirements, and provide interim and project management with regard to documentation, preparation of pharmaceutical documentation as well as Product Files in compliance with International Standards and Requirements (EMEA, WHO, US-FDA) and evaluation of GMP compliance.



Dutch Association of Biochemistry, Biotechnology, Clinical Chemistry

Contamination Control (VCCN), Immunology, Industrial Pharmacists